“The beauty of our mosaic lamps comes from the combination of high quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and centuries of tradition that goes into each lamp.  Imported directly from Turkey, our lamps are made of high-quality brass and extra fine hand-cut colored glass.  Our lamps are made to last for generations and will add the perfect ambiance to any room.”



Jewel-Like Glass Mosaic Lamps From Istanbul Fill an East Village Shop - NYTimes.com

November 24, 2013

“A customer walked in and said, ‘I expected you to be an 85-year-old fortune teller,’ ” said Melissa Benovic of Mosaic Lamps, in the East Village. Earlier this year, Ms. Benovic, who is in fact 35, opened the 300-square-foot boutique with her fiancé, Ilker Arslan, 36, a native of Turkey. They were inspired by a visit they had made three years ago to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, where they saw shop after shop selling glass-mosaic lamps tinted emerald, ruby and cobalt. The fixtures, which have brass fittings and are lighted with LEDs, are not for reading, or for threading a needle. “They are mood-setting,” Ms. Benovic said. “They’re warm, and calming.” Prices range from $55 for a 10-inch-high lamp to... Continue Reading →