Jewel-Toned Lamps

These jewel-toned lamps cast a mesmerizing and radiant glow. Whether you are lighting a dark corner or adding ambiance to your favorite room, these treasures will surely be the focal point. A joy to look at, sparkling both “on” and “off." Lamps take one standard size American light bulb, LED recommended 

ITEM A: Aqua, “as if it was steeped in tropical waters” blue.  Perfect for any water-lovers. Measures 9” in diameter and 18” in height. 

ITEM B: Tourmaline, a neutral, natural, grey-green, such a usable color.  9” diameter and 23” in height.

ITEM C: A beautiful rose pink hue, so lovely. Measures 9” in diameter and 18” in height.

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